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Manipulator XRS-HT-6 intends to dispose and remote control an X-ray tube and detector.

The manipulator is designed as a horizontal platform and platforms with vertical posts that is moving. There are the carriages with holders for the X-ray tube and detector on the posts. A movement X-ray tube and detector is possible at 6 axes.

Control console

There is ergonomic console with operator push-button panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement. The operator can choose synchronous or separate movement of the X-ray tube and detector. An important advantage of the system is the detector ability to follow the position of the X-ray tube and to be in the X-ray beam.


XRS-HT-6 could be equipped with different combinations of generators/tubes, different power are available, from 160 kV up to 450 kV.

The axes movement
Z1 800
Z2 800
Y1 1950
Z2 1950
T1 ±30°
T2 ±30°