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X-Ray inspection

X-ray inspection is one of the most popular and effective methods of non-destructive testing. The application range is very wide: cracks, spills, holes, slag inclusion, tungsten inclusions which is unacceptable for external examination.

Advantages of X-ray inspection are:

  • the most accurate location of the smallest defects;
  • efficient to detect defects.
  • quiet-operating and long-lasting.

It needs for such diverse applications as automotive, aerospace, government agencies, metallurgy and many others.

There are a lot of different kind X-ray equipments, others diveces and accessories. X-ray systems is the most advanced technological solutions. It has X-ray tube, handling and manipulation mechanism, software, control console, image intensifier, digital camera. The inspection becomes easier, safety, simplify decoding, storing and data transfer. Another innovative solutions is digital radiography.

X-ray tubes are the most reliable and powerful solutions for field applications like pipe inspection. Specially for X-ray tube is designed manipulators which can be automated or mechanized.

Based on the license, the company Rentest designs engineering, assembly and maintenance X-ray cabinets. Development of engineering documentation and calculation of the X-ray cabinets is based on the customer's applications.