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W.R.E Thunder 3

The W.R.E THUNDER 3 equipment is the fastest solution for the on-line inspection of alloy wheels. It has been designed to overcome the handling problems of large and heavy wheels. The machine has also been designed to cope with flashing left on the wheel. This equipment has a strong and robust mechanical structure, designed for long and continuous use in the industrial environment.


X-ray cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. The cabinet is completely self-contained, manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding and can be transported by either crane or fork-lift. The cabinet does not require any further shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area. The system is designed with a large maintenance access door at the front and is also available with lead/glass inspection window. Wheel entrance and exit tunnels with two sliding doors each end allows for faster cycle times.


W.2900 x D.2000 x H.2000 mm

Kg 4500


The equipment is able to operate with different designs and sizes of wheels coming randomly from the production platforms. Rotating controlled axis on 360 degrees is revolution of wheel and move by four independent motors, very strong and powerful mechanical-pneumatic gripping mechanism. Five axes of movement guaranties that all inspection angles can be easily achieved. The movement of the X-ray source and detector is achieved without the traditional C-arm design. The accurate alignment of X-ray source and detector is achieved in software, saving weight, simplifying design and reducing machine cycle times. A mechanical magnification axis guarantees linear and constant magnification factor. External roller conveyor with inlet sequencer and rejection pusher can be supplied as an option.

W.R.E Thunder 3: 13“ to 22”.

W.R.E Thunder 3/T: 13“ to 26“.

Available also for 2.5” motorbike wheels on request.

Max. weight capacity: 50 Kg.

Number of inspection programs: no limit.

Number of positions per program: 50.

Inspection capacity: up to145 wheels/hour.

The Thunder 3 is equipped with a Bosello HT made high voltage generator type XRG 160 with X-ray tube for 160 kV. Image intensifier XRI 420 industrial version, input window 9 inches and 3-magnification field switchable and programmable by PC. Now is also available with amorphous silicon digital flat panel detector, ADC 14/16 bits, resolution 200 µ.


An operator panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement is located in an ergonomic air conditioned console, also a 19” display for user interface and programming, a radioscopic image monochromatic high resolution 17” monitor is also provided. A computer installed with BOSELLO BHT software controls all functions of the equipment; it is interfaced to a PLC for the loading operations and diagnostics, all axes movements are controlled from the PC through a remote microprocessor controller.  Ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN) or to us for remote diagnostic and service.


  • VISUAL FARIS system for automatic analysis and rejection.
  • A.W.I. system (automatic wheels identifier).
  • OCR system (characters and symbols identification).
  • Control software, statistics analysis and print of production report.
  • External roller conveyor with inlet sequencer and rejection pusher.