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The company Rentest participated in the exhibition Territory NDT in Moscow

At the conference was discussed the latest progress in the technogenic sphere, ecological security, the new results on the evaluation of the risk of exploitation, metrology, standardization, intellectualization and automation control, etc. 

The business program was included roundtables on the application of means and methods of non-destructive testing in the following areas: oil and gas, aviation and space, railway, metallurgy / engineering, technical diagnostics, industrial safety.

At the booth of Rentest was presented intellectual means of non-destructive testing, in particular, motorized manipulator XRS-HT-6. It was designed to accommodate X-Ray tube and flat panel with the possibility of remote control. The moving of the X-ray tube and detector can be at six axes. An important feature of the system is the panel's ability to track the position of the X-ray tube and to be in the X-ray beam. The operator can  choose synchronous or separate movement.

The manipulator XRS-HT-6 is an example of collaboration Rentest and Bosello for individual customer applications. During the joint operation were supplied high-tech equipment for the enterprises of different industries. The Rentest's booth had practical sense: visitors could investigate the technical characteristics of the equipment, and also converse with experts about a range of products and services Rentest.

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