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X-ray cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. The cabinet is completely self-contained, manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding. The cabinet can be transported by fork-lift, does not require any further shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area. The system is designed with large double sliding doors for casting loading with two lead/glass inspection window. High speed doors movement controlled by inverter with ramps up and down.
There is safety light curtain on the loading door. Safety device class 4 controlled by PILZ module.

W.1550 x D.1550 x H.2180 mm


  • Kg 2600 (160 kV) 
  • Kg 4000 (225 kV)
  • Kg 10000 (320 kV)
  • Kg 16000 (450 kV)


The inspection positions are obtained by the movement of the complete X-ray system without any C-arm coordination and alignment between source and detector is controlled by software. This solution allows a significant increase in the speed of handling and positioning. Software allows the dynamic tilt axis in accordance with casting position on zoom horizontal axis. The turntable is able to move on three axes with continuous rotation on 360 degrees. A mechanical magnification axis guarantees linear and constant magnification factor. To make more comfortable loading operation, turntable comes out from the loading door. Motorized and programmable two axes anti-blooming shutter. 5 independent handling axes (2 additional axes for motorized programmable shutter on X-ray source) moved by brushless motors with absolute encoders on board. This equipment does not require zero setting of axes.

Positioning speed is up to 15 meters/minute. The machine can accommodate and inspect for casting 700x1200 mm, weight 80 kg.


The SRE M@X could be equipped with different combinations of generators/tubes, different power are available, from 130 kV till 225 kV (1600 W). X-ray sources (tubes) with different focal spot depending from the need. Image intensifier XRI 420 industrial version, input window 9 inches and 3 magnification fields switchable and programmable by PC. High resolution CCD digital camera, up to 1000×1000 pixels at 30 progressive frames/second, 12-bit or amorphous silicon digital flat panel detector, ADC 14/16 bits, resolution 200 µ.

Ergonomic console integrated in the cabinet structure. Electrical panel and electronic boards inside the cabinet base, located in an extractible drawer allows easy access for maintenance operations, operator push-button panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement, 4 user programmable function keys. Command, programming and diagnostic, X-ray image, processing, X-ray controller and user interface by one touch screen display. Ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN) or to us for remote diagnostic and service.


  • Image processor version BHT PLUS or EXTREME.
  • Control software, statistics analysis and print of production report.