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S.R.E 4590


X-ray cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations. The cabinet is manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding. It is realized in separates parts in order to re-assembly locally. The cabinet does not require any further shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area.

The cabinet is designed with large double sliding doors, motorized by electronic inverter controller, to facilitate loading operations. The roof is partially opening to allow the loading of big and heavy parts by crane.

A wide angle camera will be available for visual inspection. Electronic safety circuits controlled by multifunction controller in compliance with level 4 safety class, no mechanical contacts switch. There is blinking X-ray on warning light with light fail circuit.


W.4227 x D.5884 x H.3270 mm


Kg 13000


The cabined is provided of a rotating turntable structure motorized with high precision positioning and controlled by CNC. It moves on a door position for loading and moves coordinates with other axes for inspection. This pallet has some fixtures and reference to facilitate the correct positioning of the pipes fittings for inspection.

The system is provided by 8 controlled axes. All the axis is controlled by CNC for high precision positioning. The constant alignment between X-ray tube and sensor is guaranteed by software. During the inspection, an accurate interpolated movement allows a detailed scanning without vibration and positioning errors.


The SRE 4590 is equipped with a Bosello HT made high voltage generator and tube XRT 225 HP. It is equipped with high resolution linear scanner sensor mod. W1.


An operator push-button panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement is supplied as desktop type to allow the positioning in a separate enclosure nearby the system. A panel for the control of hardware/safety function of the X-ray generator is integrated.

There is a remote control keyboard inside the cabinet. It is provided for manipulator manual movement for diagnostic purpose and for optimizes the programmable positions.

The inspection programs are made by teach-in software which allows for the storage of several programs. X-ray kV and mA variation is also automatically controlled by RS 232 serial interface. The personal computer can be connected to the peripheral devices. An ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN).