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S.R.E 141


X-ray system complies without the cabinet. The cabinet has to be in workplace area of customer with the strictest regulations for fully shielded radiation devices.


The special gantry shape manipulator is composed by 8 axes.The axes handling is obtained by manual movement, (controlled by operator manually) simplify and easy console, composed by push-buttons and joysticks. The special console will be located on a special wheel device that allows the movement from outside to inside of cabinet, so that the operator can adjust in the best way the positioning of axes and start with X-ray cycle.


The SRE 141 could be equipped with different combinations of generators/tubes, different power are available, from 225 kV till 450 kV. It could be equipped with amorphous silicon digital flat panel detector.


Electrical panel and electronic boards are inside the console, rear easy access for maintenance operations. There are operator push-button panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement, command, programming and diagnostic, X-ray image, processing, X-ray controller and user interface by one touch screen display.

Ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN). USB pen drive access available. BHT IP (image processor) integrated.