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X-ray cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations. The cabinet is completely self-contained, manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding. The cabinet can be transported by fork-lift, does not require any further shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area. The system is designed with pneumatic sliding doors for casting loading, a large maintenance rear door and a lead/glass inspection window. There is safety light curtain on the loading door if machine is manually loaded.

W.2080 x D.3580 x H.2330 mm


  • Kg 9000 (225 kV)
  • Kg 14000 (320 kV) 


The Omniaallows for fast continuous cycle inspections and it is optimized to work in an automatic production line interfaced with an external robot, adequate safety devices permit also manual loading/unloading operations.

The inspection positions are obtained by the movement of the complete X-ray system without any C-arm or other mechanical connection between the X-ray source and the sensor. Coordination and alignment is controlled by software and allows.

A mechanical magnification axis guarantees linear and constant magnification factor. 9 independent handling axes are controlled by brushless motors with absolute encoders on board. This equipment does not require setting of axes. Positioning speed is up to 15 meters/minute.

The Omnia could be equipped with different combinations of generators/tubes, different power are available, from 160 kV till 320 kV. It could be equipped with amorphous silicon digital flat panel detector.


An operator panel with the main functions, pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement is located in an ergonomic console. There is also located the screens (monitors). A 19” VGA monitor for user interface, programming, image processing and diagnostic functions and for the radioscopic image (or ADR) an adequate high resolution monitor is provided. A computer installed with BOSELLO BHT IP software controls all functions of the equipment, all axes movements and diagnostics. The personal computer can be connected to the peripheral devices. An Ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN).