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2nd International aero-engine manufacturing forum

The Forum’s organiser is the Association of aero-engine manufacturers (ASSAD). The International aero-engine manufacturing forum conducted its work along the following main lines: science and technology programme, comprising a plenary session and symposia of the scientific and technical aero-engine manufacturing congress, with reports was published, as well round tables, presentations and seminars, scientific and technical conferences.

Exhibition programme envisaging a demonstration of products developed on the basis of implementing advanced series-production technologies and new materials; a demonstration of newest technical achievements and specimens submitted and recommended for introduction in the framework of the scientific and technical aero-engine manufacturing congress; putting on show civil and dual-use projects; presentation of various goods and services.

At the booth of «Rentest» was presented the high-technology equipments for non-destructive testing. We realize: designs engineering, assembly and maintenance X-Ray shielded cabinets and high-tech motorized manipulators, X-ray cabinets, equipment for penetrate and magnetic inspection.