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A.C.R.E 280/281


acre 280

X-ray cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations. The cabinet is completely self-contained, manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding and can be transported by fork-lift, does not require any further shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area. The system is designed with four pneumatic sliding doors to allow the transit of the pallets safely and in continuous cycle mode. There are two large maintenance and inspection doors: one at the rear and one at the front with lead/glass inspection window.


  • A.C.R.E. 280   W.4100 x D.4400 x H.2300 mm
  • A.C.R.E. 281   W.4800 x D.4400 x H.2300 mm


  • A.C.R.E. 280   Kg 6500
  • A.C.R.E. 280   Kg 8500

The A.C.R.E. 280/281 is an X-ray unit that utilizes a pallet-based transportation system. Castings are placed into a rectangular pallet with appropriate fixtures in order to assure parts stability during transportation around the conveyor system. X-ray devices, both radiation source and detector are handled via 5 axis C-arm manipulator, controlled by CNC, which allows all angles and perspectives to be achieved around the inspected parts. The standard conveyor belt can host up to six pallets. The pallet quantity can be increased to meet specific customer requirements. This will require more length on the external part of the conveyor belt. The pallet flow and positioning is monitored by an ID system, each pallet has its own identification tag to allow the machine to run with different castings loaded randomly. Each pallet can host one or more parts, depending on parts and pallet sizes.

The standard pallet is:

  • A.C.R.E. 280   640x560 mm (max. weight loadable per pallet 25 kg)
  • A.C.R.E. 281   800x640 mm (max. weight loadable per pallet 35 kg)
  • Pallet changing (idle time) is 4 seconds.

The A.C.R.E. 280/281 can be equipped with different combinations of generators/tubes, different powers are available. Image intensifier XRI 420 industrial version, input window 9 inches or amorphous silicon digital flat panel detector, ADC 14/16 bits, resolution 200 µ.


An operator panel with the main functions pushbuttons and joysticks for axes movement is located in an ergonomic air conditioned console. It is also contains a 19” VGA monitor for user interface, programming, image processing and diagnostic functions. For the radioscopic image a monochromatic high resolution 17” monitor is provided.

A computer installed with BOSELLO BHT software controls all functions of the equipment, all axes movements and diagnostics. The inspection programs are made by teach-in software which allows for the storage of several programs. X-ray kV and mA variation is also automatically controlled by RS 232 serial line. The personal computer can be connected to the peripheral devices (printers etc.). Ethernet port is also available for connection with a local area network (LAN). 


  • VISUAL FARIS system for automatic analysis and rejection.
  • Control software, statistics analysis and print of production report.