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About company

The company Rentest realizes innovative projects for the supply and production of equipment for factories of different industries. To date, the Rentest represents the equipments from worldwide manufacturers to the Russian market:

  • X-ray systems Bosello;
  • X-ray tubes Bosello;
  • development of X-ray cabinets;
  • flat panel detectors Perkin Elmer;
  • digital radiography DUERR;
  • manipulators;
  • liquid penetrants and magnetic particles NDT Italiana.

The main objective of the company is to reduce the negative impact of industrial production on the environment and people through the using of non-destructive testing. The Rentests' employees have high qualifications and required experience in non-destructive testing for unite the expertise accumulated in the different disciplines into a unified system of ecological balance of man with the nature.

In 2009 as the result from the projects was the appearance high level of technology Italian X-ray systems Bosello to the Russian market.

X-Ray shielded cabinets of a new generation are:

    • Innovative solutions.
    • Different line up.
    • High level of technology.
    • Highly efficient support services and training.
    • Computed industrial tomography.

For example, X-ray systems was delivered and successfully operated at the largest factories such as Arzamas instrument plant JSC, Russian federal nuclear centre, Sokol aircraft-building plant, KAMAZ, Metrovagonmash, Alstrong etc.

The result of the joint activities technical engineer from Rentest and Bosello became stationary X-ray «Bosello» which intended for using in industrial radiography and radioscopy. X-ray «Bosello» meet the highest requirements of the devices because of producing with high level of technology. In the apparatus used the best metal-ceramic X-ray tubes produced by Swiss company Comet.

Based on the license, company Rentest designs engineering, assembly and maintenance X-ray cabinets. Development of engineering documentation and calculation of the X-ray cabinets is based on the the customer's applications.

Rentest is an active participant in the Russian and international exhibitions, organizes the hands-on seminars in the major cities of the country. With pleasure we are inviting the specialists for introducing the details and the technical specifications of the equipments, company activities and for starting cooperation.

Wide range of activities allows Rentest’s specialists realize any project by the customer's applications.